Is Your Watch Giving You a Hard Time?

Have your watch repaired or select a new one in Saratoga Springs, NY

Your trusty watch has been with you through thick and thin, but lately it stops ticking. If your watch malfunctions, just bring it to Lily & David Fine Jewelers in Saratoga Springs, NY and allow us to take care of it. We can repair the inner workings of your watch, replace the battery or resize the band for you.

Contact us at 518-583-1672 or stop in to drop off your watch for repair or resizing.

It’s about time you got a new watch

It’s about time you got a new watch

The watch on your wrist may have been all the rage 15 years ago, but today it looks dated and out of style. Visit our store to find a watch that will fit your personal style and embrace the modern aesthetic. Quality brands we carry include:

  • Bulova
  • Caravelle
  • Citizen
  • Movado
  • Movado Bold
  • Previously Owned Rolex

Visit Lily & David Fine Jewelers to repair your watch or select a new one.